Greening with Garlands

The use of lush greenery in floristry has been popping up again for weddings and special occasions alike.  It’s a great way to fill space without additional flowers.  Different varieties of greenery can come in various colors and textures, so adding multiple types of greens can really make a space come alive.  Here’s a few examples of how greenery garlands in your space can make a huge impact.

Adding a garland of greenery to your special occasion can add a touch of nature into any space.  Be sure to measure where you’d like your greenery first, and then consider if you’d like extra drapery, additional width, or different hues of color.  Greenery such as eucalyptus has many different varieties, all unique to their look and texture.  Seeded eucalyptus is popular for its green or dusty blue buds and full appearance.  The baby blue eucalyptus has more line weight and a stronger aroma.  Silver dollar eucalyptus is also favored for its nature to drape and its interesting shape.

On a tabletop, a garland can be a beautiful small accent to a table with a thin trace of ruscus or eucalyptus.  It can also be an abundant display of greens doubling as a centerpiece, even draping down the sides of the table to add drama.  Think about how much space your guests might need on the table for plates and silverware, because you wouldn’t want the extra greenery getting onto the place setting.  Matlack Florist now even provides rentals for faux greenery garlands for your special occasions, perfect for a space that you’d be worried about greenery shedding or allergies to greens.

Be sure to consider what type of look you’d like for your space, and feel free to experiment with different looks!  If you are in need of assistance, Matlack Florist is always happy to help you decide which type of garland will make your space look fantastic.

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Anniversary Flowers Through the Years

Every anniversary is a reason to celebrate.  Flowers can be a fantastic way to congratulate a marriage whether you’re the bride and groom, or commemorating someone else’s special day.  Here’s a list of specific flowers to help make your gift more personal to the happy couple.

First Anniversary

Carnations are widely known as the flower to give on the first anniversary.  Affordable and easy to find, carnations come in a wide variety of colors such as deep purple, bright orange, green, among many others.


Fifth Anniversary

Daises are the fifth wedding anniversary flower, and they keep the gift light and fun.  You can gift a bunch of daisy poms in fall or spring colors, or bigger gerber daisies in colors like orange, pink, or yellow for a brighter display.


Tenth Anniversary

Daffodils not only symbolize new beginnings and the start of spring, but the tenth wedding anniversary as well.  Keep in mind that daffodils cannot be combined with most other flowers, as their stems leak a liquid that is toxic to other blooms.  The best way to gift them is to give a bunch of daffodils by themselves in a fun yellow or white vase in the springtime.


Fifteenth Anniversary

Roses are all around a popular anniversary flower, but they symbolize the most on the fifteenth year.  Different colored roses can symbolize a variety of emotions, so try giving a personal color to your relation to the couple.  Yellow represents friendship and apology, while red shows love.  White symbolizes purity, while orange shows a deep affection.


Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

Blue irises represent the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary.  Their blue and yellow blooms look great combined with complimenting tones as well as bright, warmer colors to contrast and highlight their beauty.


Thirtieth Anniversary

The beautiful and fragrant lily is the symbol of the thirtieth anniversary.  Keep a bunch in your kitchen or bedroom to radiate the room with a sweet aroma.



Fortieth Anniversary

Gladiolas symbolize the fortieth wedding anniversary.  They can be kept long for a dramatic and organic arrangement, or cut shorter for a smaller and more intimate vase.  These blooms also come in an assortment of colors like white, red, yellow, and pink.

Fiftieth Anniversary





The fiftieth, and popularly called the “golden anniversary” is represented with yellow roses and violets.  The combination of these colors and scents will be sure to stun any recipient.  Violets are most available in the springtime, potted in our greenhouse.  Roses are usually available all year round, cut fresh.  Dress a vase or pot up with a shiny gold bow and you’ll be sure to impress.

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Gifting Flowers: Back to School Edition

It’s that time again, back to school! Whether your student is starting kindergarten, high school, or college, the first day of school can be nerve wracking.  To ease the transition, consider gifting flowers to your student!  Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Consider the Colors

A great way to show school spirit is by gifting flowers to a student in their school’s colors.  Even tying a ribbon or balloon to a bouquet in spirited colors can brighten a student’s day, and reaffirm their confidence in starting a new school.  Personable colors will let your student know that you support their educational decisions and that you are with them all the way.

Gift Flowers with Meaning

Specific flowers all have very different meanings.  Consider these blooms when gifting to a new student.  Daffodils symbolize a new beginning, which is perfect for a student transferring to a new school or starting at as a freshman at a faraway university.  Green flowers such as hypericum berries, daisy poms, or green roses also symbolize new beginnings.  In a more general sense, just try giving a bright and colorful mixed bunch that will be sure to brighten their new dorm room and their day.

For centuries, flowers have been used to lift spirits and brighten days.  Don’t forget that Matlack Florist can wire out flower deliveries worldwide too! So no matter where your student is, you can be sure that they will be taken care of with us.

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How to Give Flowers to Anyone in Your Life

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what kinds of flowers to give to every recipient.  It’s easier if you are close in age or very familiar with the person, but if you’re at a loss, here’s a list of ideas to celebrate everyone in your life.

Children Recipients

You’re never too young to start loving the gift of flowers, and here are a few extra ideas you should use next time you’re giving flowers to a young person.  Children love color, and there are plenty of ways to feature bright hues in a bouquet.  Gerber daisies come in all shades, ranging from yellow to pink to orange and more, and children respond well to them for their fun shape and hue.  Additionally, if you are giving a couple a gift for a newborn baby, consider gifting a single bloom to the older siblings as well, making them feel included in the celebration.  Children will also enjoy glitter, which can be applied to the flowers in a safe way, or additional colorful ribbons and bows.  Remember to keep the flowers youthful and fun!

Teens and Young Adults 

The time that teenagers are most likely first buying flowers on their own is for the school prom.  Help them out by coordinating colors with the dress and tux, and let them choose their favorite blooms to make the day even more special.  By allowing teenagers to be a part of the flower buying process, they experience a sense of adulthood and will continue to come back on their own to buy flowers in the future.  Young adults going to college or moving out of the house will enjoy a small houseplant (an easy one that’s hard to kill!) like a succulent or lucky bamboo, or a small bouquet coordinating with their room colors.  Still remember to keep the arrangement youthful, and avoid more traditional flowers like baby’s breath.  The bohemian trend is hot right now with young adults as well, starring wildflowers, huge blooms of peonies, and flower crowns.

New Homeowners

A fantastic gift for a new homeowner is a huge bouquet of flowers.  Fill their space with a fragrant aroma and beautiful blooms.  Daffodils are a symbol of new beginnings, and yellow roses are a great sign of friendship.  Both of these blooms will make the perfect gift for a person in a new house, making the space feel more like home.  Also consider gifting a plant like a fern or hanging basket that will last for time to come.  They’ll think of you every time they see the greenery, and appreciate your gift to help refresh their home.

Moms and Dads

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are essential days in the gifting community.  Of course moms and dads want to be remembered and appreciated, and flowers are a great way to celebrate them.  Even a small gift of a mixed floral bouquet will not go unnoticed, and the card message goes a long way too.  Parents might enjoy a small plant for the office as well as a small succulent garden that they can forget to water; parenting is a busy job!

Senior Citizens

Gifts to grandparents and senior citizens are always appreciated.  Flowers that have a fragrant aroma, like roses or lilies, are great for someone who might have weak eyesight but still enjoy the gift of a bouquet.  More traditional flowers, such as carnations or baby’s breath are also a wonderful idea, and colorful vases or baskets can brighten up a retirement room for someone who needs a little pick-me-up.

Of course it’s important to consider each recipient personally, and we hope that these ideas help you, because flowers are always a great gift for everyone in your life!

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Throwing the Perfect Garden Party with Flowers

Garden parties are so popular right now.  From Victoria Beckham to the Queen of England, celebrities and the public alike are loving the chic look of wildflowers, natural greenery, and fun accent pieces adorning their parties.  Here are some tips and tricks to throw the perfect garden party with a floral theme.

Bigger is Better

The garden party style is all about the organic look and feel, as if the flowers were “just picked” and growing all around the space.  A fantastic way to complete this look is grouping fun greenery like cocculus, eucalyptus, and ruscus around tables and chairs.  For a more dramatic look, try draping greenery on a mantle or outside trellis, as well as welcome signs and fun photo spots.

Choose the Right Blooms

For the garden party vibe, choose flowers that would naturally grow in your area.  That “just picked” style can be achieved with hydrangea, ranunculus, daisies, or peonies.  The lighter, pastel blooms create an upscale and gentle look, perfect for an English garden themed party.  Flowers with a pleasant and fragrant aroma, such as lilies and roses, can quickly fill a room and brighten your guests mood instantaneously.

Adorn Yourself

Another fun way to add even more flowers to your garden party is to wear them! Of course corsages of sweetheart roses and wildflowers are popular, but think outside of the box.  Decorate a hat with big blooms like peonies, or try a daisy chain or flower crown.  Your guests will also love taking home such a fun, wearable floral accessory to keep the party going.

The most important part about throwing a garden party is of course the actual garden! Choose a venue with a beautiful outside view, a nature park, or your own backyard! All the added flowers will be sure to give your party that extra special flair, and Matlack Florist is always there to help you along the way.

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Plants for the Dorm Rooms and Small Spaces

It’s the beginning of August, and that means it’s almost time to go back to school.  For students transitioning into the start of their college career, an important part of the process is decorating the new dorm room.  Your style expresses personality, while staying creative in designing a homey look in a smaller space.  One of the best ways to add life and color into your small space is through the use of plants.  Here are a few options to get you started thinking about those all important dorm room decor decisions.

Succulent Gardens

Succulents are highly popular among young adults because they’re trendy, beautiful, and hard to kill.  Succulents take very little water, and can be forgotten for a period of time while still maintaining great color and shape.  These plants come in a variety of colors and sizes, and can be combined into a small garden box or left singular for an accent piece.  They thrive indoors and outdoors, and continue to grow exponentially after they’ve been planted.


Starting a college career is hard, and the food should be the least of your worries!  Small herb gardens are the perfect way to carry a wide variety of flavors to your food, as well as a pleasant aroma throughout the space.  Herbs like rosemary, cilantro, and mint can grow very fast, and also stay contained in a smaller basket or container.

Hanging Baskets

A great way to add decor without cluttering up a small space is to try a hanging plant basket.  There are a wide variety of hanging plants that will grow well indoors such as ferns, philodendron, or ivy.  Additionally, try placing these hanging baskets in a trendy container like a macrame hanger or on a floating shelf.

Plants can be a great way to transform a small, mundane dorm room into a home away from home, full of color and life.  At Matlack Florist, we’re happy to help you choose the perfect plant to make the start of a new beginning in life a little easier.

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Bohemian Wildflower Trends for Floral Design

Wildflowers are a great way to celebrate the summer months.  They receive sunlight well and come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and fragrances.  Because of their ability to grow almost anywhere, the bohemian world has adopted the wildflower look for weddings, fashion, and everyday life.  Matlack Florist has a fun selection of these wild blooms to brighten your home and release your inner flower child.

Incorporate “Found” Containers

One of the best things about the bohemian wildflower trend is that you can store your flowers in almost anything for a “just picked” feeling.  Mason jars, watering cans, and pitchers all hold these blooms well to create a bohemian flair to your home.  Also, consider hanging the mason jars with twine or rope around your home for a more stylized approach.

Wear Your Flowers

The fashion world is loving the bohemian wildflower look this year, and so are we.  Try a flower crown filled with delphinium, peonies, poppies, and lavender to feature a colorful, fragrant, and fashionable statement piece.  Flower rings, bracelets, anklets, and purses filled with wildflower blooms can also heighten your bohemian look in a light and trendsetting way.

Accentuate Your Cooking

The trend of garnishing food and desserts with cut flowers isn’t new, but the wildflower style is coming back in a big way.  Decorating cakes is the biggest use of this trend, especially for weddings.  Wildflowers such as lavender, ranunculus, daisies, and peonies come in a wide variety of colors to match any bride’s color scheme. Additionally, look of wild organic greenery paired with the flowers pays homage to the flower child look, as well as giving the cake an elegant and colorful flair.  Another fun way to add a bohemian look to your cooking is adding in touches of berries or citrus alongside the wildflowers, which gives the plate a bountiful look.

With Matlack Florist, it’s easy to create the perfect bohemian look no matter what you’re designing.  We’re carrying a wide variety of wildflowers to accentuate your home, your style, and your everyday life all summer long, so stop by to see what’s new each week!

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4 Ways to Create the Perfect Floral Tablescape

Creating a fun mood for your party can be a huge planning process.  Fresh cut flowers help brighten a room and keep the atmosphere interesting.  Here are some bright ideas to enhance the ambiance at your next event.

Compliment the Colors of Your Dinnerware

Now, this doesn’t mean creating a completely matchy-matchy place setting.  In fact, colors pop more when they’re against complimenting or contrasting hues.  Sunny orange and yellow floral blooms appear more vibrant and playful when paired with blue or green dinnerware.  Moreover, try adding jewel toned flowers like dark purple stock or red roses against a plain white place setting to really make your china appear clean and pearlescent.  Additionally, if your table has a floral pattern on the napkins, dishes, or tablecloth, an all white arrangement of flowers will add to the tablescape instead of overpowering the floral pattern.

Adding in Aromas

A fun twist to a light meal such as a teatime or brunch is to place sprigs of either herbs or greens around the table to create a faint aroma that compliments the meal.  Lavender, rosemary, and citrus are all great examples of this, and are aesthetically pleasing for the look of the table as well.

Using Greens on the Table

Another fun use of greenery is taking large tropical leaves and using them underneath plates for an entertaining spin on a summer party.  Also, table runners made of large amounts of greenery can be a stunning way to complete a more affordable tablescape.  Even draping these greens completely off the table adds drama and class to an otherwise ordinary garland.

Think about the Season

In spring and summer, try using more vibrant hues, or even locally grown wildflowers for that “just picked” feeling.  You can even place a single stem on each guest’s plate to take home to make the tablescape even more personal.  Succulents are also a great way to bring feeling of sunny weather indoors.  In the fall, gourds and pumpkins strewn across a table creates the look of a bountiful harvest for a Thanksgiving meal.  During the winter holiday season, use wintergreens such as pine and cedar around the table for a seasonal scent as well as an elegant appearance.

We hope that this post inspires you to create your own tablescape with the help of Matlack Florist!

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Adding Personal Touches to Your Flowers

The best part about giving flowers is picking out just the right arrangement for your special loved one.  Of course not everyone enjoys the same types of flowers; that’s why there are so many varieties!  Here’s a few helpful points to consider when choosing an extra personal touch to your floral gifts.

Think about Your Recipient 

When adding special items into your floral arrangement, its important to keep your specific recipient in mind, and not fall into the trap of giving something that you personally might like better than them.  If your loved one is younger, especially a child, consider adding glitter or extra ribbons to your gift.  Also, keep with trendy blooms like lilies and vibrant roses rather than something like baby’s breath or gladiolas, which have a more traditional vibe.

Flowers are well received by most everyone, but if your recipient has bad allergies, consider giving flowers that do not have a strong fragrance, such as sunflowers or daisies.  Perhaps only give them a small bunch of flowers and add on a box of chocolates on the side.

If you know the recipient well enough, think about their home decor.  You can ask to match the color of their walls and furniture with a complimenting vase, or contrasting flowers to make the arrangement pop.  If your loved one has a rustic theme to their home, consider a bouquet of sunflowers with a burlap wrapping.


Consider the Occasion

Different flowers are received better than others at certain occasions.  Specifically for sympathy, consider your loved one’s mood.  Some people prefer muted pastel colors for a somber event, while others enjoy bright colorful blooms to brighten their mood.  A handwritten card attached with your bouquet is a great way to show that you care and took the time to write out a message personally.

Birthdays are a different story, and they’re so fun to personalize.  Balloons are a great way to customize your order and add some extra pizzazz.  Additionally, chocolates and candies are a terrific substitute if you can’t see them for the cake.

Baby showers are also a popular time to give the gift of flowers.  Naturally, it is traditional to give pink or blue flowers, but its nice to consider additional gifts for the baby and mother as well.  Matlack Florist provides different options of baby themed vases, such as blocks or carriages, which can be used for decoration in the baby’s room as well.  A fun complement to flowers is to add on a small toy or stuffed animal into the bouquet for the baby.  Consider the colors used in the future nursery for your vases, or add in the baby’s birth month flower to the bouquet.

Personal Bridal Bouquets

A wedding is an exciting time to express personal style, and the bridal bouquet is no exception.  At Matlack Florist, we’ve added on rosaries, small lockets, jewelry, and many other trinkets onto handtied bouquets.  A bride can come in for a consultation and provide small items that have a special meaning to herself and her family.  This way, holding onto a special personalized bouquet on wedding day can mean even more to the bride.


Your loved one will be so impressed that you took the time to personalize their floral bouquet.  At Matlack Florist, we pride ourselves in giving each recipient exactly what they’re looking for, and helping you be a part of the process in choosing just the right gift.

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Gifting the Host: July 4th Edition

It’s that time of summer again: July 4th!  Time for parties, barbecues, and giving flowers!  Don’t forget to bring along some blooms for your host to show your appreciation for their hospitality. To get you thinking, here’s a few ideas that will be sure to spark fireworks for every type of event.

Going to an upscale cocktail party?

The Beautiful in Blue arrangement is a full and spectacular assortment of white lilies, hydrangea, daisies, and roses all in white and deep blues.  This arrangement is perfect for a more elegant get together where the theme of red, white, and blue is more subtle.

What about a graduation party?

The fun look of Blue Ice will catch the sun’s rays and your graduate’s eye with a blue iridescent container filled with roses, lilies, hydrangea, and seeded eucalyptus.  This youthful arrangement is perfect to give to a young adult and to keep with the patriotic theme of July 4th.


How about a backyard barbecue? 

You can never go wrong with a mixed bunch of flowers.  Right now, we’re stocked with red, white, and blue bouquets of roses, iris, delphinium, and daisies.  They’re even completed with red sparkles and blue paper.  Your host will love that you thought of them by gifting a holiday bunch of fresh flowers.

No matter where you’re going for July 4th, Matlack Florist has got you covered for all of your floral and gifting needs.  Stop on in and see what else we have in stock for each and every holiday throughout the year!



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