This Week in Perennials

IMG_3523Our perennial selection at Matlack Florist is a growing more and more every day! This week we are featuring new plants that you will not find just anywhere.  Stokesia, better known as Stokes’ Aster, paints a beautiful purple hue to our assortment.  This plant originates in North America and can tolerate these scorching summer days in the heat all the way into early fall months.  Stokes’ Aster takes full sun and will add a pop of color to your late bloomers.

Another newcomer to our nursery is a yellow Hypericum hybrid, also known as St. John’s Wort.  While this plant flourishes in partial sun, it can also do well in partial shade and is ablIMG_3517e to grow up to three feet high.  A fun fact about St. John’s Wort is that it’s Latin name Hypericum comes from a Greek phrase “over an apparition”, and was thought to be so powerful that it could ward off evil spirits in the garden.  True or not, St. John’s Wort adds a beautiful nuance to any landscape.

To bring in a peachy tone to your beds, look no further than our perennial Anise Hyssop in the color “Peachy Keen”.  This bloom takes full sun and attracts the wings of butterflies and hummingbirds with its pleasant fragrance.  The foliage itself is aesthetically pleasing and functional; the leaves can evIMG_3519en be used to make an Anise-scented tea.  Hyssop also grows well in most places that others will not, such as rock or herb gardens.

Another recent enhancement to our garden center is Asclepias.  Its common name, Butterfly Weed, proves true in the fact that its nectar and pollen rich blooms attract Monarch butterflies as well as hummingbirds and beeIMG_3521s.  This plant is very low maintenance with a low need for water, and lasts until late summer.

At Matlack Florist, we receive new perennial selections every week during the summer, so don’t hesitate to keep stopping in to see what’s new!

Update: Battle of the Blooms™ Fourth of July

Last week, we asked our designers to each create a Fourth-of-July-themed floral design for our first ever Battle of the Blooms™. Then we asked you to vote for your favorite design for a chance to win one of the arrangements.  Our designers created some truly beautiful patriotic floral pieces, you voted, and a winner was chosen!

4th of July FB Drawing - Martha's Design

The most popular floral arrangement, pictured here, was created by designer, Martha!  Her arrangement included blue hydrangea, white stock, and a cluster of red roses, accented with a touch of silver sparkle, red midollino sticks, and the finishing touch for the Fourth of July, Old Glory!

Battle of the Blooms July 4th Winner

Congratulations to our winner, Lauren, and a BIG THANK YOU to all who were involved! We were so excited by the amount of enthusiasm from everyone who participated in this event, from the designers here at the shop to everyone who voted for their favorites! We were even more excited when the winner announced to us that she would be donating her prize arrangement to the Westtown East Goshen Police Department!  What a wonderful act of generosity and a great way to celebrate everything that our nation stands for!

We’ve decided to keep the fun going, so keep your eye out for another chance to win The Battle of the Blooms™. (Hint: The next round of designs are sure to be Boo-tiful!)