February Flower Spotlight: Tulips!

tulip1This month we are observing a flower that truly brings the feeling of spring in the middle of winter.  The tulip comes in a variety of colors, styles, and breeds, many of them available at our florist.  In face, from now until March 4, we are celebrating the tulip by having a special deal; thirty tulips for only $24.95!  Tulips are not only enjoyed at our florist, but worldwide this time of year.

In the world famous flower market in Amsterdam, you can find tulips this time of year in every color and shade you can think of, either cut fresh or in bulbs to plant in your very own garden.  If you can’t make it out to Amsterdam, tulip3plenty of tulip varieties are available locally as well.

Tulips are a versatile flower used in general floral arrangements, and also hold well in bridal bouquets.  Another fun feature for tulips is their ability to stand upright, but also add drama to a bouquet if they cascade down.  Different breeds of tulips can add a unique flair to your next centerpiece, such as the parrot tulip with the ruffled edge.


tulip4tulip2Be on the lookout at our shop for potted tulips, available to plant in your own garden bed.  Easy to care for and spectacularly beautiful all season long, the tulip proves itself year after year as one of the most dynamic and elegant flowers in bloom.

parot tulip1





The Pantone Color of the Year 2017 is Here!

Every yePantone Greeneryar, Pantone provides us with a “color snapshot”, a symbolic color representation of our culture and atmosphere.  For 2017, the company has chosen the color Greenery, a vibrant and healthy shade of green.  At Matlack Florist, you will find this celebrated color paraded around the shop and throughout our designs.


Stop in to see what else we start to showcase with this amazing selected color Greenery by Pantone in the upcoming spring season!