5 Gorgeous Floral Accents to Try this Fall

Fall is such a fun time for flowers.  There are so many varieties of special floral accents that aren’t available any other time of the year.  Here are a few examples of Matlack Florist’s favorite autumn touches to add into your next floral arrangement.

Privet Berry

This berry is available in the autumn, and starts out as a bright green and turns to a beautiful navy blue throughout the season.  They grow on large branches which are great for a long, dramatic look as well as broken up to collar an arrangement.  Privet berry grows wild in the Chester County area, and can be cut right from the branch and placed in a vase.  These stems look fantastic in an arrangement for a pop of blue in an autumn floral composition.

Chinese Lanterns

These interesting stems grow in the autumn, and are most known for its bright orange papery cover over its berry resembling a lantern.  Light and thin, these lanterns are perfect for placing in a floral arrangement as an airy touch; not to weigh down the flowers.  Peeling back the orange covering, a bright crimson berry can also be used in floral design for a snap of color.

Antique Hydrangea

This beautiful flower is most popular in the autumn for its burgundy and sage coloring, accenting fall tones perfectly.  Often times huge and luxurious, the antique hydrangea can be used fresh or hung to dry in a preserved arrangement as well.  These blooms create a textured design when used as a backdrop for brighter fall colors, and can also shine as the spotlight of a floral design.


Berries are so popular in arrangements, and hypericum is a great example of their beauty.  Available in green, white, red, and burgundy, the hypericum berry is versatile as well as picturesque.  These blooms can be combined with other fall flowers in an arrangement for a textured feel, and its foliage is often left on for its unique shape and look.

Fall Leaves

Leaves are used often in floral design for a more natural, organic fall look.  Autumn leaves can be a browning tone if taken from outside, or preserved in their brighter reds and oranges for a sunnier appearance.  They add a fun texture as well as volume to an arrangement, and can be piled in a collar surrounding a design as well.

It’s a new season, and the perfect time to try something new in floral design.  Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, Matlack Florist will be sure to impress with our autumn style!

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