Fall Harvest Bridal Shower

Fall Harvest Bridal Shower:  Create beautiful centerpiece for your next event using nature as your inspiration!  #MatlackFlorist

This Fall Harvest Bridal Shower was held for our very own favorite administrative assistant here at Matlack Florist, Stephanie!  After having worked with Stephanie for a year and a half at the shop, I was honored when she asked me to be a part of her bridal party, and so excited to plan a bridal shower with my fellow bridesmaids!

Here is Stephanie in her office hard at work:

Stephanie - Matlack Florist

Fall In Love Ladder:  This ladder was created using a decorative ladder from home festively adorned with pennants and faux fall leaves.  The pennants were created from card stock and stickers, and attached to the ladder using wash tape.  #MatlackFlorist

To celebrate this autumn-loving bride-to-be, we planned a shower to fit the season with a Fall Harvest theme.  We used a lot of our own personal items from home and added festive touches of fall to each item for the shower!

This miniature-sized ladder (right) was decorated using cardstock cut into pennant shapes (which were attached to the ladder using decorative washi tape), letter-shaped stickers to read “Fall in Love” and finished off with autumn leaves!

The bridal shower umbrella (below) was decorated with faux fall leaves as well to incorporate it into the theme!

Dress up a bridal umbrella to fit your theme!  We added faux fall leaves to this umbrella to give it a festive autumn feel.  #MatlackFlorist

Each centerpiece was created using a different element of fall. This woven basket tray was filled with gourds and jack-be-little mini pumpkins.

Create a simple centerpiece by simply stacking gourds and mini jack-be-little pumpkins into a woven basket tray, as seen here.  #MatlackFlorist

This tablescape consisted of a fairytale pumpkin topped with a gathering of Indian Corn centered between 2 glass cube vases filled with mini Indian corn.

Create a beautiful display with Indian Corn!  Simply place Indian Corn into glass vases and decorate with ribbon!  Dress up a pumpkin with Indian Corn as well for the perfect finishing touch!  #MatlackFlorist

A pinecone forest tablescape was created using pinecones gathered from the backyard and placed into painted terra cotta pots of varying sizes.  (One of the benefits of working at a florist is never having to want for terra cotta pots!  These pots have been collecting on my patio from gardening projects throughout the year.)

Create a simple and inexpensive centerpiece using painted terra cotta pots and pinecones!  Line them up and create your own pinecone forest!  #MatlackFlorist

Fall grasses, also gathered from the great outdoors, were arranged in tin cans of various sizes that were decorated with a mix of satin ribbon, raffia and leaves!

Cut your own fall grasses from your backyard and place them into tin cans for a very simple and affordable table centerpiece.  We decorated our tin cans with raffia, ribbon and faux fall leaves.  You can place them in a row, or group them together!  #MatlackFlorist

Apples, Pears and Seeded Eucalyptus fill this handled wooden box.

An easy DIY centerpiece!  Simply gather apples and pears into a wooden box and add touches of seeded eucalyptus!  #MatlackFlorist

And what’s a party without flowers!?  This antique wooden box was arranged with fall flowers in an ombre-style design, moving down the line from whites, oranges, yellows, reds to vibrant purples.

Create a rainbow effect with your flowers!  Group like-colors together!  #MatlackFlorist

A bridal shower isn’t complete without some bridal-themed games!  The guests at Stephanie’s shower competed to see who knew the bride-to-be best!  And while Stephanie was opening her gifts, the guests played Bridal BINGO!  The winners of the games took home gorgeous gifts to add to their own fall decor – one took home a beautiful purple mum tied with a full burlap bow, and one took home the Fairytale pumpkin adorned with Indian Corn (which was part of the Indian Corn table centerpiece).

Fall Harvest decor make perfect prizes for bridal shower game!  We gave away a vibrant purple mum with a full burlap bow, and a fairytale pumpkin adorned with Indian Corn.

Stephanie Opening Gifts

Cards for Stephanie were gathered in this birdcage, decorated with ribbon and faux flowers (a gathering of green hydrangea, brown peony and white berries).

Dress up a birdcage with faux flowers and ribbon.  We used a peony, hydrangea, and berries! #MatlackFlorist

Gift Table

We’re so happy for Stephanie and had so much fun celebrating her upcoming nuptials! Wishing her all the best as she begins a new life as a Mrs!

Stay tuned for pictures from Stephanie’s Wedding Day in November…