How To: Pin On a Boutonniere

May is a busy season in the floral industry! Between the many proms, weddings, and milestone anniversary celebrations, we often get asked:  “What is the correct way to pin on a boutonniere?”

While handling a sharp pin and delicate flowers can be intimidating, don’t worry! Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be fine!

Step One:  Position Your Boutonniere

A boutonniere should always be pinned onto the gentleman’s left lapel. Position the boutonniere slightly above the heart (or about 4 inches below the top of the shoulder.) The boutonniere stem should be roughly centered and run parallel to the edges of the lapel.

1. Position Bout

Popular flowers used to create boutonnieres include: Roses, Dendrobium Orchids, Mini Calla Lilies and Delphinium

Step Two:  Insert Pin Into Stem

Flip the lapel and push the pin through the fabric of the lapel until you make contact with your boutonniere. Push the pin into the stem of the flower at it’s thickest point right below the flower head, but do not push the pin all the way through the stem. By inserting the pin through the back of the lapel, you ensure that the pin is hidden from view.

2.1 Flip Lapel

2.2 Push Pin Through Lapel

2.3 ...and Into the Stem

Fun Fact:  'Boutonniere' is French for buttonhole.  In men's fashion, the word 'boutonniere' can mean the hole in the lapel or the flower which decorates it.

Step Three:  Direct Pin Back Through the Lapel

Make sure that your boutonniere is placed where you want it, and direct the pin back through the stem and the lapel.

3. Direct Pin Back through Lapel

Step Four:  Make Sure the Boutonniere is Secure

Give the lapel a little shake to make sure that the boutonniere is securely fastened.  If you have an especially heavy boutonniere, you may want to use two pins to give it some extra support.

4. Final Bout

And there you have it!  You’re all set for your special event!