2017 Spring Colors to Explore in Everyday Flowers

It’s finally spring! At Matlack Florist, we’re beginning to get our outdoor plant area ready, gearing up for wedding season, and stocking all kinds of bright colors for the upcoming warm weather.  This season, there are a several new color trends and styles that we’re keeping up on.


One of the biggest color trends this year is the look of “sun-kissed”.  According to the trend forecast from the respected floral company Nordlie, warm crimson reds, bright sunny yellows, and muted oranges will create a powerful first impression and a lasting effect on your guests.  Many floral options are available this season for these sun-kissed colors, from tropical birds of paradise and anthurium, to a more classic look with roses and lilies.  Either way, you’ll be sure to impress with these lively hues.


These bright sun-kissed stems look most impressive when paired with a more organic, wild style, such as in our “Calypso” arrangement.  Nordlie also suggests to pair these vibrant blooms with contrasting colors like turquoise or green.  Succulents and bright foliage work well for this, and make the warmer colors pop against the cooler tones.  Be on the lookout in our shop for this new and trendy color scheme.