Something Old, Something New

Since Matlack Florist opened in 1978, we have seen countless floral trends come and go.  It’s no doubt that we’re seeing retro styles coming back into our daily lives like high-waisted pants and suspenders, and the floral industry is no different.  We’re excited to reintroduce these trends back into our shop with updated twists for 2017.

Cascading Bouquets

The origin of the cascade look comes from the desire to have a more grandiose look for a wedding bouquet, but for a lesser amount of money.  To obtain this affordable style, florists began using a lofty amount of greenery in place of additional flowers, making a more inexpensive look for the bride.  This look started disappearing when the trend of “round” bouquets full of roses and other clusters of flowers became popular.  However, the cascade is coming back in a big way.  The appearance of a bigger bouquet supplemented with extra greenery is less apparent, and the use of more extravagant flowers like orchids, french tulips, or roses in a cascading style is more evident.

Vintage Cascading Bouquet.
Modernized Cascading Bouquet









Carnations Mixed with Complimenting Blooms

Recently, the popularity of the carnation has grown tremendously.  This bloom in previous years has been deemed unattractive due to its ability to be dyed any color, making it look cheap and unappealing.  Also, because of the carnation’s inexpensive price, it has been known to be given away at businesses for free, making it less desirable to buy at a florist.  However, the floral industry has given the carnation new life.  It is now grown in a variety of new shades and hues, making the bloom more versatile, appealing, and naturally colored.  Rich plums and burgundys make the carnation fit right in with other lavish, more sophisticated flowers, but still keeps its affordable price.  Our suggestion? Try mixing in a few of these new vibrant blooms with more high-end flowers to get a uniquely colored look.

Macrame Plant Hangers

Back in the 1970’s, macrame was all the rage with everything from wall hangers to outdoor decor to jewelry for its simple handmade appearance and versatility.  This look soon disappeared in the early 1980’s when brighter vibrant colors started becoming popular and the woven, arts and crafts style grew undesirable. However, macrame is making a comeback with a new twist.  The homemade, organic style of decor is returning, and macrame fits right in.  Plant hangers with this woven look have started to appear in home magazines and popular style websites in brighter colors and more simple styles.

Vintage Macrame in the Style of the 1970’s
Modern Macrame Plant Hanger