The Prom Bouquet Breakdown

Spring has sprung, and prom is in full bloom!  Together with Matlack Florist, you can make all of your floral dreams come true to complete the perfect prom look. The possibilities are endless, and we know that can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help you out. We’ve broken down a few of our prom bouquets to simplify the process for you!

For this first prom handtied bouquet, we’ve chosen to feature the “Shades of Pink” Handtied.  This bouquet is perfect for the girl in all pink, or can also compliment a dress in a variety of other colors such as navy, black, or yellow.

This handtied is available at a medium price point, around $65.  The higher end flowers included in this bouquet are the orchids and the roses, while the more affordable flowers include alstroemeria, dianthus, and waxflower.  When placed all together, the shades of pink compliment each other, creating a beautiful prom bouquet.

For a more upscale handtied bouquet, we’ve chosen to highlight the “Shades of Coral” Handtied.  You’ll notice that this bouquet appears a bit bigger than the last one.  That is because it starts at a higher price point, around $75.

This bouquet includes a wide variety of premium flowers, including hydrangea, spray roses, gerber daises, roses, and stock.  The more affordable blooms are the bupleurum and again the alstroemeria, pictured here in a different color than in the “Shades of Pink” Handtied.  The vibrant hues of oranges and corals in this bouquet are provided by the wide array of different flowers used, creating a dynamic and lively prom look, sure to impress.  Also, the addition of the bling jewels gives just the right amount of sparkle to this beautiful bouquet.

For the more conservative prom-goer, we have chosen to showcase the “Peachy Keen” Handtied.  Depending on your price point, this bouquet can either be petite and delicate, or bigger and more exquisite.

If you were to choose the lower price point, you might receive fewer roses or a differing filler such as alstroemeria instead of the riceflower.  You might also receive standard roses and no garden roses, as garden roses are more high end, due to their beautiful shape and fragrance.  If you choose to explore the higher end of the price point, you might find more garden roses and regular roses in your bouquet to fill out the size.  If you were to ask for a larger sized handtied at a higher price, you might also receive an extra hydrangea and more premium filler.

The look of the prom bouquet compared with its price is determined by a few factors.  Mainly, a lower priced bouquet will have fewer “focal flowers”, meaning a bigger or more prominent bloom, such as a garden rose or an orchid.  The “filler”, meaning the smaller flowers that add size to a bouquet, can also become more high end depending on a price point.  More affordable filler can include alstroemeria, baby’s breath, or solidago, depending on your color palette.  Moreover in a higher price point, filler could be substituted with more focal flowers or premium filler such as riceflower or waxflower.  Additionally, the greens used in a handtied bouquet can vary on the price point as well.  For a more flowy, organic look, a designer could use foliage such as eucalyptus or dusty miller.  Even though these greens do not have blooms, they provide a beautiful finishing touch to a high end bouquet.

Ultimately, the final look is determined by the designer to create the perfect prom accessory.  If you’re looking to add on something super unique, consider jewels, feathers, succulents, or extra ribbons.  We’re here to help, so just ask us what we think would make the ultimate look for you.  Whether it be a specific kind of greenery that matches the color of your dress or a high end garden rose that compliments your high heel shoe, Matlack Florist will always deliver glamorous and chic style to complete your perfect prom look.