What’s the Deal with Flower Crowns?

If you’ve opened a bridal magazine or been to a music festival in the past year, you’ve seen the trend of the flower crown hitting the scene.  This trend has been getting bigger in the recent seasons, and summer is a perfect time to try this feminine style.

Greek Laurel Crowns

The idea of the flower crown has been around for centuries and has made its way around the globe.  Originating with the ancient Greeks adorning laurel leaf crowns to honor victories, the trend eventually became a fashion statement for both men and women (think Julius Caesar).  Later on, Chinese brides began to adapt the flower crown for bridal styles using orange tree blossoms.  Because the orange tree bears fruit as well as blossoms at the same time, these crowns symbolized the fertility in a successful marriage.  Skipping to the era of the 1960’s and 70’s, the “flower child” trend became popular with young women.  Decorating hair with wildflower blooms, the hippie subculture deemed these crowns as a symbolic representation of becoming one with nature, peace, and love.  Nowadays, brides have brought this trend back in style with delicate baby’s breath or greenery crowns, as well as the niche “gypsy” look worn by younger women at music festivals.  These vibrantly colored crowns contain giant blooms of roses, peonies, or sunflowers to take homage to the flower child style.

Modern “Gypsy” style flower crown
Self Portrait of Frida Kahlo

The flower crown has always been a symbol of beauty and nature, and has been accepted into the fashion world by artists and celebrities alike.  The famous artist Frida Kahlo was often depicted in a statement piece flower crown in self portraits and so it became her signature look.  More recently, the pop singer Lana Del Ray

Snapchat Flower Crown Filter

completes her 60’s inspired look with large flower crowns.  Because of this style, her look is accepted and sought after by the current fashion world.  Additionally, the widespread phone app Snapchat has even gotten in on the trend.  When you take a picture of yourself on the app, you can adorn yourself with a digital flower crown.  This Snapchat filter has become one of the most popular choices on the app, securing its spot permanently on the app while other filters change daily.

It’s no doubt that flower crowns are here to stay, one way or another.  Whether you’re looking for a simple greenery crown for a flower girl at your wedding or a statement piece crown of roses for Cochella, Matlack Florist has got you covered.  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram @matlackflorist for future examples of flower crowns as well as daily flower inspiration.

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