How to Affect Your Mood with Flowers

While flowers are beautiful by themselves, some have extra special talents.  When someone is feeling blue, try sending these select blooms to not only brighten their home, but brighten their mood as well.


While a dozen red roses remains one of the most popular arrangements to send, these flowers can additionally boost your mood.  Perfumes with rose scents have nothing on the real thing, and often have an overpowering smell.  Roses often carry a much lighter and calming scent that lingers throughout the room.  They also contain an antidepressant quality in the scent that can lift spirits.  Furthermore, the rose’s scent becomes stronger over the course of time, increasing its calming effects.



This bloom has a unique healing quality.  Lavender has been used for centuries for everything from itchy skin to anxiety relief to memory improvement.  Thw lavender plant contains a compound called linalool and linalyl acetate which can quickly work its way through the bloodstream and rapidly produce effects.  While these blooms are tiny, their vibrant purple color brightens up the room while their soothing scent permeates the house.  Moreover, once the lavender flowers have reached the end of their shelf life, you can dry the stems and keep the scent alive and well in your home.


In particular, the stargazer lily, known for its bright pink center and large blooms, is especially given for its scent.  Potent and sweet, the lily gives off a fragrance like no other.  Try placing these beautiful flowers in a vase in rooms like the bathroom or bedroom, adding elegance and exotic flair to a room often overlooked.


Gardenias are considered one of the most beautiful flowers for its pure white petals and its effectual scent.  Many bath and spa companies have tried to replicate the gardenia’s aroma, but there is nothing like the real thing.  Moreover, the fragrance of this bloom is known for its sexual effects on the brain and can bring a romantic essence into the room.  Try floating a single bloom in a shallow bowl for a simple and graceful surprise for anyone who walks by.


Through eucalyptus does not traditionally bloom with flowers, its scent is incomparably robust.  Often used in medications and skin treatments, this plant’s aroma opens and clears the nasal passages.  Try leaving a few stems beside your bath relax yourself and to stimulate a healing scent.



The sense of smell is the sharpest of all the senses, and can trigger mood enhancements with the right formula.  Next time you are feeling down, try one of these scents to boost your spirits and beautify your atmosphere.

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