How to Give Flowers to Anyone in Your Life

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what kinds of flowers to give to every recipient.  It’s easier if you are close in age or very familiar with the person, but if you’re at a loss, here’s a list of ideas to celebrate everyone in your life.

Children Recipients

You’re never too young to start loving the gift of flowers, and here are a few extra ideas you should use next time you’re giving flowers to a young person.  Children love color, and there are plenty of ways to feature bright hues in a bouquet.  Gerber daisies come in all shades, ranging from yellow to pink to orange and more, and children respond well to them for their fun shape and hue.  Additionally, if you are giving a couple a gift for a newborn baby, consider gifting a single bloom to the older siblings as well, making them feel included in the celebration.  Children will also enjoy glitter, which can be applied to the flowers in a safe way, or additional colorful ribbons and bows.  Remember to keep the flowers youthful and fun!

Teens and Young Adults 

The time that teenagers are most likely first buying flowers on their own is for the school prom.  Help them out by coordinating colors with the dress and tux, and let them choose their favorite blooms to make the day even more special.  By allowing teenagers to be a part of the flower buying process, they experience a sense of adulthood and will continue to come back on their own to buy flowers in the future.  Young adults going to college or moving out of the house will enjoy a small houseplant (an easy one that’s hard to kill!) like a succulent or lucky bamboo, or a small bouquet coordinating with their room colors.  Still remember to keep the arrangement youthful, and avoid more traditional flowers like baby’s breath.  The bohemian trend is hot right now with young adults as well, starring wildflowers, huge blooms of peonies, and flower crowns.

New Homeowners

A fantastic gift for a new homeowner is a huge bouquet of flowers.  Fill their space with a fragrant aroma and beautiful blooms.  Daffodils are a symbol of new beginnings, and yellow roses are a great sign of friendship.  Both of these blooms will make the perfect gift for a person in a new house, making the space feel more like home.  Also consider gifting a plant like a fern or hanging basket that will last for time to come.  They’ll think of you every time they see the greenery, and appreciate your gift to help refresh their home.

Moms and Dads

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are essential days in the gifting community.  Of course moms and dads want to be remembered and appreciated, and flowers are a great way to celebrate them.  Even a small gift of a mixed floral bouquet will not go unnoticed, and the card message goes a long way too.  Parents might enjoy a small plant for the office as well as a small succulent garden that they can forget to water; parenting is a busy job!

Senior Citizens

Gifts to grandparents and senior citizens are always appreciated.  Flowers that have a fragrant aroma, like roses or lilies, are great for someone who might have weak eyesight but still enjoy the gift of a bouquet.  More traditional flowers, such as carnations or baby’s breath are also a wonderful idea, and colorful vases or baskets can brighten up a retirement room for someone who needs a little pick-me-up.

Of course it’s important to consider each recipient personally, and we hope that these ideas help you, because flowers are always a great gift for everyone in your life!

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