Greening with Garlands

The use of lush greenery in floristry has been popping up again for weddings and special occasions alike.  It’s a great way to fill space without additional flowers.  Different varieties of greenery can come in various colors and textures, so adding multiple types of greens can really make a space come alive.  Here’s a few examples of how greenery garlands in your space can make a huge impact.

Adding a garland of greenery to your special occasion can add a touch of nature into any space.  Be sure to measure where you’d like your greenery first, and then consider if you’d like extra drapery, additional width, or different hues of color.  Greenery such as eucalyptus has many different varieties, all unique to their look and texture.  Seeded eucalyptus is popular for its green or dusty blue buds and full appearance.  The baby blue eucalyptus has more line weight and a stronger aroma.  Silver dollar eucalyptus is also favored for its nature to drape and its interesting shape.

On a tabletop, a garland can be a beautiful small accent to a table with a thin trace of ruscus or eucalyptus.  It can also be an abundant display of greens doubling as a centerpiece, even draping down the sides of the table to add drama.  Think about how much space your guests might need on the table for plates and silverware, because you wouldn’t want the extra greenery getting onto the place setting.  Matlack Florist now even provides rentals for faux greenery garlands for your special occasions, perfect for a space that you’d be worried about greenery shedding or allergies to greens.

Be sure to consider what type of look you’d like for your space, and feel free to experiment with different looks!  If you are in need of assistance, Matlack Florist is always happy to help you decide which type of garland will make your space look fantastic.

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