Gifting the Host: Autumn Edition

Happy Autumn! This season is so exciting here at Matlack Florist.  We’re beginning to stock our beautiful outdoor fall baskets of mums and pumpkins, as well as all new featured floral arrangements.  These autumn beauties make wonderful gifts for all occasions, and here’s a few examples on gifting the host in this fall season.

Housewarming Party

Mums are a wonderful gift to give to any new homeowner.  They’re easy to care for and come in a variety of fall colors like burgundy, yellow, burnt sienna, and more.  Mums grow in sizes from small to extra large, and can make a huge statement for a front porch or balcony.  Adding a basket or wheat accents can make this plant shine even more, and your host will love having plant decor for their new home already.

Halloween Party

October brings the fun of Halloween, and floral gifts are a great way to celebrate.  There are a great number of accents you can place into vase arrangements or plants available in our shop.  For example, clip-in spiders, orange and black beads, skeleton hands, and glittery pumpkins can make an arrangement even more stunning.  Your host will be so excited that you’re keeping with their Halloween party theme and appreciate the sentiment.


Come November, everyone will be dreaming of turkey and getting together with the family.  Bringing a gift to the host is always appreciated, and flowers can be a fun centerpiece or accent decor.  The Harvest Trio is a playfully modern three-piece arrangement, perfect for a long table.  If you’re looking for a more traditional piece, the Mulled Cider arrangement is for you.  Placed in a wire and glass container, sunflowers, mums, roses, and solidago will shine brightly at the dinner.  Your host will appreciate your gift and feel thankful that you thought of them.

No matter what you’re looking for, Matlack Florist is your go-to for all things autumn.  Stop by and see what we’ve got in stock to bring to your host, and maybe even give a little something to yourself as well.

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