Staff Favorites: Fall Features

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”   Albert Camus

Favorite Fall Features  #MatlackFlorist

Autumn officially arrives today!   However, the signs of fall have already been slowly slinking in.  There is a crisp chill in the morning air.  The days are becoming shorter.  We find ourselves throwing an extra blanket on the bed at night.  The leaves are just beginning to change, showing the rich reds, oranges and yellows of fall.  Harvest festivals abound.  What a great time of year!

Just as Mother Nature has begun her transition, we too here at Matlack Florist have seen the signs of the changing season.  Our morning flower deliveries are showing less in the way of summer colors and more of the vibrant jewel tones of fall.  And our featured floral arrangements have been updated accordingly to reflect nature’s path.

To kick off the fall season, we thought we would share some of our staff’s own favorite arrangements!!


Spice #MatlackFlorist

“Spice is designed in a great reusable vase with a rich assortment of fall flowers and textures!  ‘Country Elegance’ at it’s best!” – Jennifer Matlack, Owner

“Spice is definitely my favorite for the fall season!  I love the elegant design of the arrangement and the vibrant combination of autumn colors!” -Erin, Sales

“Spice reminds me of a beautiful autumn field of flowers, plus it looks wonderful as a centerpiece!” – Anne Marie, Designer

“Fall Colorburst”

Fall Colorburst #MatlackFlorist

“I’m a huge lover of flowers and can never pick just one. The Colorburst uses multiple flower types and showcases all of the beautiful jewel tones of the season. It also packs a huge punch with its size.  I love a nice large beautiful arrangement!!  -Stephanie, Administrative Assistant

“Fall Bounty”

Fall Bounty #MatlackFlorist

“My favorite fall feature is Fall Bounty.  It is a good combination of elegant (with the roses) and country (with the sunflowers).  The colors are so eye-catching!” – Suzanne, Sales

“Pumpkin Patch”

Pumpkin Patch #MatlackFlorist


“Pumpkin Patch has to be my favorite fall feature.  It is a fun arrangement, from it’s sunflowers and gerbera daisies to the fall leaves and pompons!  Just a very sweet piece!!” – Martha, Designer


Black Tie Collection:  Phoenix  #MatlackFlorist

“Phoenix from our Black Tie Collection is absolutely my favorite fall feature.  It doesn’t scream autumn, but the orange and peach tones hint at fall in a subtle way.  It’s simply a stunning piece.”  -Nicole, Sales


Cinnamon  #MatlackFlorist

“The combination of  yellows and rusty reds in Cinnamon make for the perfect fall arrangement!  The size and the design of this arrangement give it the flexibility to be used for a lot of different occasions as well.” – Kate, General Manager


sizzle  #MatlackFlorist

“My favorite fall feature is Sizzle.  It provides the feeling of fall with the sunflowers, and the rich, vibrant tones are eye popping and avoid the dullness that some fall arrangements lapse into.” – Chris, Sales

“Sizzle is colorful, very happy, and includes a nice selection of longer-lasting, high-quality flowers.  It’s also the perfect size for any occasion – it could work on your kitchen table or would be the perfect size for your office!”  – Ivon, Designer

So as we bid farewell to the bright vibrance of summer, we welcome the warmth that the autumn brings!  To see more selections from our Fall Features, visit our website:  Let us know which feature is your favorite!!