Caring for Your Valentine’s Day Roses!

How To Care For Roses

Did you receive a lovely bouquet of roses from your one and only this Valentine’s Day? Lucky you!! Those blooming beauties may not live forever, but with proper care, your cut roses could last up to a week or more! Follow the tried-and-true tips below to ensure that your beautiful blooms stay fresh for as long as possible! (If your roses arrived already arranged, you can skip steps 1-4).

FillYour VaseFirst things first, make sure to choose a clean vase for your flowers! It cannot be stressed enough how important good, clean water is for the longevity of your roses.  You’ll want to fill your vase two-thirds full with lukewarm water, and then add the floral preservatives that you should have received with your flowers. The floral preservatives will help to keep the water bacteria-free and provide essential nutrients for your roses to extend their life.

Cut Your StemsBefore you just throw your cut roses into a vase full of water, the first thing you’ll want to do is to re-cut the stems at an angle with a clean, sharp knife (or some gardening shears) to allow them to draw water in . You should cut off about 1-inch of the stem at a 45-degree angle.  Cutting at a 45-degree angle prevents the stem from resting flat on the bottom of the vase, which could impede water intake.

Remove LeavesIt is important to remove any leaves that may lie below the water-line in your vase.  Decomposing leaves will contaminate the water. Again, clean water is key!

Arrange Your RosesOnce you have removed the low-lying leaves and re-cut the stems, place your roses immediately into the water-filled vase and enjoy!  The longer your cut stems are exposed to the open air, the more likely an air bubble is to form in the stem, restricting your rose’s water uptake abilities.

Maintain Clean WaterKeep an eye on the water-level in your vase.  (If you received a pre-arranged vase of roses, double-check the water level to make sure no water was lost on the way to your home.)  You should check the water-level at least once a day.  If the water is getting low, replenish the vase with fresh, warm water.  If the water becomes cloudy, it should be completely exchanged with some clean, fresh water.

Re-Cut Stems AgainIf your roses start to wilt, they may be revived by re-cutting the stems once again.  Early wilting may be a sign that bacteria has gotten into the rose stem, preventing your rose from drinking.

Keep Your Roses CoolYour roses will last longer if kept in a cool location, out of the direct sunlight and away from excessive heat.  You can refrigerate your roses when they are not out on display for your enjoyment.  When refrigerating flowers, make sure that the temperature is around 38 degrees F.  Your roses will not withstand freezing temperatures!!  Also make sure that there is no fruit in the refrigerator.  Fruit gives off ethylene gas, which can be damaging to your cut blooms.  Fruit and flowers do not mix!

With a little bit of tender loving care, your roses will last long after Valentine’s Day has past!!

How To Care For Roses