Inspiration: Pallets

Pallets seem to be a hot commodity these days in the DIY market!  Not only can you make some fun upcycled furniture, but they’ve become increasingly popular to use in the garden! We’ve collected a few of our favorite flower-centric pallet projects to share with you here!  Simply follow the links to find the how-to’s for each of these projects!!

Perfect for a DIY beginner, this project couldn’t be easier! Simply find a pallet that is in good shape, spray paint in the color of your choice, and use the pallet as a shelving unit for your plants! We love the orange and yellow color combo in this photo!!

Pallet Shelving Unit


They say a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.  Well, the same goes for your potting bench!!  This garden tool organizer is the perfect solution!

Garden Organizer


Set your pallet abloom with this delightful project!  All you need is a pallet, hose clamps, screws, and a variety of plants in terra cotta pots!  We particular love the little garden gnome hiding in this arrangement.

Pallet Planter


Always wanted to grow an herb garden, but couldn’t find the space?  This vertical herb garden created with a pallet is the way to go!  The labels indicating what types of herbs are growing are absolutely charming!

Herb Garden Pallet


Really let your garden grow…in a pallet!!  Follow this link for some great instructions on how to make your very own pallet garden.