Adding Personal Touches to Your Flowers

The best part about giving flowers is picking out just the right arrangement for your special loved one.  Of course not everyone enjoys the same types of flowers; that’s why there are so many varieties!  Here’s a few helpful points to consider when choosing an extra personal touch to your floral gifts.

Think about Your Recipient 

When adding special items into your floral arrangement, its important to keep your specific recipient in mind, and not fall into the trap of giving something that you personally might like better than them.  If your loved one is younger, especially a child, consider adding glitter or extra ribbons to your gift.  Also, keep with trendy blooms like lilies and vibrant roses rather than something like baby’s breath or gladiolas, which have a more traditional vibe.

Flowers are well received by most everyone, but if your recipient has bad allergies, consider giving flowers that do not have a strong fragrance, such as sunflowers or daisies.  Perhaps only give them a small bunch of flowers and add on a box of chocolates on the side.

If you know the recipient well enough, think about their home decor.  You can ask to match the color of their walls and furniture with a complimenting vase, or contrasting flowers to make the arrangement pop.  If your loved one has a rustic theme to their home, consider a bouquet of sunflowers with a burlap wrapping.


Consider the Occasion

Different flowers are received better than others at certain occasions.  Specifically for sympathy, consider your loved one’s mood.  Some people prefer muted pastel colors for a somber event, while others enjoy bright colorful blooms to brighten their mood.  A handwritten card attached with your bouquet is a great way to show that you care and took the time to write out a message personally.

Birthdays are a different story, and they’re so fun to personalize.  Balloons are a great way to customize your order and add some extra pizzazz.  Additionally, chocolates and candies are a terrific substitute if you can’t see them for the cake.

Baby showers are also a popular time to give the gift of flowers.  Naturally, it is traditional to give pink or blue flowers, but its nice to consider additional gifts for the baby and mother as well.  Matlack Florist provides different options of baby themed vases, such as blocks or carriages, which can be used for decoration in the baby’s room as well.  A fun complement to flowers is to add on a small toy or stuffed animal into the bouquet for the baby.  Consider the colors used in the future nursery for your vases, or add in the baby’s birth month flower to the bouquet.

Personal Bridal Bouquets

A wedding is an exciting time to express personal style, and the bridal bouquet is no exception.  At Matlack Florist, we’ve added on rosaries, small lockets, jewelry, and many other trinkets onto handtied bouquets.  A bride can come in for a consultation and provide small items that have a special meaning to herself and her family.  This way, holding onto a special personalized bouquet on wedding day can mean even more to the bride.


Your loved one will be so impressed that you took the time to personalize their floral bouquet.  At Matlack Florist, we pride ourselves in giving each recipient exactly what they’re looking for, and helping you be a part of the process in choosing just the right gift.

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Gifting the Host: July 4th Edition

It’s that time of summer again: July 4th!  Time for parties, barbecues, and giving flowers!  Don’t forget to bring along some blooms for your host to show your appreciation for their hospitality. To get you thinking, here’s a few ideas that will be sure to spark fireworks for every type of event.

Going to an upscale cocktail party?

The Beautiful in Blue arrangement is a full and spectacular assortment of white lilies, hydrangea, daisies, and roses all in white and deep blues.  This arrangement is perfect for a more elegant get together where the theme of red, white, and blue is more subtle.

What about a graduation party?

The fun look of Blue Ice will catch the sun’s rays and your graduate’s eye with a blue iridescent container filled with roses, lilies, hydrangea, and seeded eucalyptus.  This youthful arrangement is perfect to give to a young adult and to keep with the patriotic theme of July 4th.


How about a backyard barbecue? 

You can never go wrong with a mixed bunch of flowers.  Right now, we’re stocked with red, white, and blue bouquets of roses, iris, delphinium, and daisies.  They’re even completed with red sparkles and blue paper.  Your host will love that you thought of them by gifting a holiday bunch of fresh flowers.

No matter where you’re going for July 4th, Matlack Florist has got you covered for all of your floral and gifting needs.  Stop on in and see what else we have in stock for each and every holiday throughout the year!



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Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Fresh-Cut Peony

Peonies have been called the “Queen of Spring”, and for good reason.  They’re big, beautiful, and come in a variety of pinks, reds, corals, and whites.  Peonies contain a fragrant aroma that can fill a room, get bigger and brighter with each day, and some even change color as they grow.  These blooms will beautify the day of any recipient, so here’s a few tips and tricks to make them as stunning as possible.

Don’t want your peonies to open right away?

One of the most unique features of the peony is its size.  It starts out as a small bud and keeps opening until the end of its lifespan.  However, if you’re looking to wait a few days until you want the blooms to open, here’s a few tips.  Wrap your peonies in paper loosely enough so they’re contained, but tight enough so that they won’t have much room to open.  Then, place them in the refrigerator in a dry spot.  The cold will delay the blooming process until you decide to take them out.  Don’t forget to keep any fruits and vegetables away from your flowers, as they contain a gas that will accelerate the wilting process in your peonies.

Need your peonies to open faster?

Cut your peonies at a slant at the end of the stems and place them in a vase of warm water.  Additionally, you can remove the foliage from the bottom to quicken the blooming process, as the leaves take more energy to bring the water up through the flower.

Finding ants in your peonies?

Peonies plucked straight from the garden often contain ants in the blooms.  A quick way to get rid of these insects is to place the bloom of the flower in a bowl of water for a few seconds.  If the ants persist, place a few drops of dish soap in the water and stir.  This will not harm the flower, but the ants should drop out.  Also, if you cut peonies when the buds are still tight, there is less of a chance for the ants to go inside of the flower, and the bud will still open in a vase.

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Don’t Forget About Dad!

Father’s Day is June 18!  We know that maybe a florist isn’t your first pick for dad’s gift, but allow us change your mind.  We have a great selection of gifts for your father, grandfather, husband, and everyone in between.

The Father’s Day Gourmet Basket

Everybody knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!  What dad wouldn’t love a basket chock full of snacks like chips and salsa, pretzels, coffee, chocolate, and more? We even have Phillies or Eagles apparel to add onto any basket for a personalized flair.  Best of all, everything is served in a bountiful drink cooler complete with a bottle opener attached to the side.  It’s the perfect gift for the dad that likes to get out with the boys and have a cold one.

Handmade Mugs

Speaking of drinks, we have a few more items that dad will love.  We’re proud to carry a line of Healing Touch Pottery that’ll be sure to warm your father’s heart as well as his coffee.  Each mug wears a card with the tagline “Father: the pillar in strength and protection that builds a child’s foundation like a cornerstone. He loves with gentleness, teaches with wisdom, and inspires with words of affirmation and affection.” Each mug has a different stone attached to the handle symbolizing various words of encouragement.  The mugs are Reiki charged and made from the highest quality quartz clay and glazes.

Leather Briefcases and Wallets

Vaan & Co. brings us their finest leather goods, and they’re all unique!  All of these items are upcycled, meaning that they made from discarded leather, stitched together to make something completely unique and extraordinary.  Each item is different from the next, giving your dad an exclusive, upscale look.  Whether he’s carrying his laptop, his money, or his children’s diapers, dad will sure to be in style and still masculine.

Make Dad feel special this year with something different from Matlack Florist.  We pride ourselves in catering gifts for every celebration, and Father’s Day is no different. Stop in to see what else Dad will love, and maybe pick up something for yourself as well!

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How to Choose the Right Flowers for Your Graduate

This time of year we love to celebrate our graduates, and what better way to show your support than with fresh flowers? At Matlack Florist we understand that these grads are important in your life, and you want to choose just the right blooms for their special day.  Here’s a few ideas on what to select for a more meaningful gift.

The Money Tree

Even the name sounds perfect for a graduate! This symbolic plant is perfect to pair with the real gift that all grads need, money.  What a clear way to show your financial support while giving them a beautiful and tangible gift as well.  They’ll think of how much you are sustaining their future every time they see this small tree, perfect for a college dorm room or a first apartment.

Coordinating Future School Colors

Of course it is tradition to incorporate high school colors into a graduate’s floral bouquet, but how about showing your support for their future by using their new university colors in a bouquet instead? This will surprise your graduate and give them a sense of joy rather than nervousness towards their future educational goals.

Find the Meaning of their Favorite Flower

Most people have a favorite flower, and many of these blooms have very special meanings that can coordinate with hope for the future.  Daffodils represent rebirth and new beginnings, which will resonate with your grad.  Consider placing a card with the bouquet reading what each flower represents.  Stock flowers correspond with a happy life and a contented existence, something that all graduates hope for.  Also, a bouquet of irises is a high regarded compliment, for they exemplify wisdom and respect.

Whatever you decide, the gift of flowers is always appreciated.  Congratulations to the Class of 2017, we can’t wait to see what you do next!

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How to Affect Your Mood with Flowers

While flowers are beautiful by themselves, some have extra special talents.  When someone is feeling blue, try sending these select blooms to not only brighten their home, but brighten their mood as well.


While a dozen red roses remains one of the most popular arrangements to send, these flowers can additionally boost your mood.  Perfumes with rose scents have nothing on the real thing, and often have an overpowering smell.  Roses often carry a much lighter and calming scent that lingers throughout the room.  They also contain an antidepressant quality in the scent that can lift spirits.  Furthermore, the rose’s scent becomes stronger over the course of time, increasing its calming effects.



This bloom has a unique healing quality.  Lavender has been used for centuries for everything from itchy skin to anxiety relief to memory improvement.  Thw lavender plant contains a compound called linalool and linalyl acetate which can quickly work its way through the bloodstream and rapidly produce effects.  While these blooms are tiny, their vibrant purple color brightens up the room while their soothing scent permeates the house.  Moreover, once the lavender flowers have reached the end of their shelf life, you can dry the stems and keep the scent alive and well in your home.


In particular, the stargazer lily, known for its bright pink center and large blooms, is especially given for its scent.  Potent and sweet, the lily gives off a fragrance like no other.  Try placing these beautiful flowers in a vase in rooms like the bathroom or bedroom, adding elegance and exotic flair to a room often overlooked.


Gardenias are considered one of the most beautiful flowers for its pure white petals and its effectual scent.  Many bath and spa companies have tried to replicate the gardenia’s aroma, but there is nothing like the real thing.  Moreover, the fragrance of this bloom is known for its sexual effects on the brain and can bring a romantic essence into the room.  Try floating a single bloom in a shallow bowl for a simple and graceful surprise for anyone who walks by.


Through eucalyptus does not traditionally bloom with flowers, its scent is incomparably robust.  Often used in medications and skin treatments, this plant’s aroma opens and clears the nasal passages.  Try leaving a few stems beside your bath relax yourself and to stimulate a healing scent.



The sense of smell is the sharpest of all the senses, and can trigger mood enhancements with the right formula.  Next time you are feeling down, try one of these scents to boost your spirits and beautify your atmosphere.

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What’s the Deal with Flower Crowns?

If you’ve opened a bridal magazine or been to a music festival in the past year, you’ve seen the trend of the flower crown hitting the scene.  This trend has been getting bigger in the recent seasons, and summer is a perfect time to try this feminine style.

Greek Laurel Crowns

The idea of the flower crown has been around for centuries and has made its way around the globe.  Originating with the ancient Greeks adorning laurel leaf crowns to honor victories, the trend eventually became a fashion statement for both men and women (think Julius Caesar).  Later on, Chinese brides began to adapt the flower crown for bridal styles using orange tree blossoms.  Because the orange tree bears fruit as well as blossoms at the same time, these crowns symbolized the fertility in a successful marriage.  Skipping to the era of the 1960’s and 70’s, the “flower child” trend became popular with young women.  Decorating hair with wildflower blooms, the hippie subculture deemed these crowns as a symbolic representation of becoming one with nature, peace, and love.  Nowadays, brides have brought this trend back in style with delicate baby’s breath or greenery crowns, as well as the niche “gypsy” look worn by younger women at music festivals.  These vibrantly colored crowns contain giant blooms of roses, peonies, or sunflowers to take homage to the flower child style.

Modern “Gypsy” style flower crown
Self Portrait of Frida Kahlo

The flower crown has always been a symbol of beauty and nature, and has been accepted into the fashion world by artists and celebrities alike.  The famous artist Frida Kahlo was often depicted in a statement piece flower crown in self portraits and so it became her signature look.  More recently, the pop singer Lana Del Ray

Snapchat Flower Crown Filter

completes her 60’s inspired look with large flower crowns.  Because of this style, her look is accepted and sought after by the current fashion world.  Additionally, the widespread phone app Snapchat has even gotten in on the trend.  When you take a picture of yourself on the app, you can adorn yourself with a digital flower crown.  This Snapchat filter has become one of the most popular choices on the app, securing its spot permanently on the app while other filters change daily.

It’s no doubt that flower crowns are here to stay, one way or another.  Whether you’re looking for a simple greenery crown for a flower girl at your wedding or a statement piece crown of roses for Cochella, Matlack Florist has got you covered.  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram @matlackflorist for future examples of flower crowns as well as daily flower inspiration.

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Hot Gifts for Summer!

It’s getting warmer and we have all of the hot gifts for summer!  Matlack Florist is always the perfect place to shop for all your summer needs because we have a wide variety of gift ideas for every person on your list.

Outdoor Plants

Have you stopped by our outdoor plant nursery yet this year?  We’re fully stocked with both perennials and annuals of all kinds so you’ll be sure to find something for all the luck people on your list.  Our nursery is divided up into clear sections ranging from shade, to part sun, to full sun to make finding the perfect plant even easier. You’ll find blooms that you won’t find at most other nurseries, and our stock is ever-changing throughout the season.  Pick up a beautiful hanging basket or a customized patio planter that’ll be sure to make them smile.  We’re featuring our succulent collection as well, which are super low maintenance and will make a lasting impression for something as unique as they are.  Check out our new hanging succulent planters or the succulent-filled pantina birdcages while you’re here too!

Featured Arrangements

If your recipient is more of a fresh-cut-flowers-kind-of-person, be sure to visit our website for our featured arrangements.  Our high-quality blooms are sure to please, whatever your budget.  The Secret Garden features pink hydrangea and roses, as well as green orchids.  Finished off in a rose gold container, this arrangement is perfect for any special person.  If pink isn’t their color, maybe Bright and Bold will be more their style.  This arrangement features a colorful assortment of everything from blue hydrangea and gerber daises to vibrant roses and alstroemeria.  They’ll be sure to think of you every time they smell this wonderful array of fresh blooms in their home.

Gift Baskets

Think outside the box!  Fresh fruit baskets filled to the brim with apples, pears, oranges, and more are great for the recipient who has everything.  In addition, we have gourmet baskets packed with chocolates, pretzels, cookies, and candy for your loved one’s sweet tooth.  If you can’t decide between these two, get both!  We provide fruit and gourmet baskets for a wide range of prices depending on what you’d like in the package.

…And More!

Visit our gift shop for a multitude of ideas for every person on your gift list this summer.  Permanent botanical arrangements and spring wreaths could be the answer for a person that does not have a green thumb but still wants the beauty of flowers in his or her home.  Hats, scarves, and jewelry are perfect gifts to brighten up your already gorgeous loved one, and be sure to check out our purse and wallet section for all kinds of styles as well.  Keep your friends and family pampered with our selection of lotions and creams around the shop, or honor their love of gardening with our assortment of garden gloves, tools, and fun accessories.

No matter what you choose, your loved one will sure to be ecstatic to receive a gift from Matlack Florist.

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The Prom Bouquet Breakdown

Spring has sprung, and prom is in full bloom!  Together with Matlack Florist, you can make all of your floral dreams come true to complete the perfect prom look. The possibilities are endless, and we know that can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help you out. We’ve broken down a few of our prom bouquets to simplify the process for you!

For this first prom handtied bouquet, we’ve chosen to feature the “Shades of Pink” Handtied.  This bouquet is perfect for the girl in all pink, or can also compliment a dress in a variety of other colors such as navy, black, or yellow.

This handtied is available at a medium price point, around $65.  The higher end flowers included in this bouquet are the orchids and the roses, while the more affordable flowers include alstroemeria, dianthus, and waxflower.  When placed all together, the shades of pink compliment each other, creating a beautiful prom bouquet.

For a more upscale handtied bouquet, we’ve chosen to highlight the “Shades of Coral” Handtied.  You’ll notice that this bouquet appears a bit bigger than the last one.  That is because it starts at a higher price point, around $75.

This bouquet includes a wide variety of premium flowers, including hydrangea, spray roses, gerber daises, roses, and stock.  The more affordable blooms are the bupleurum and again the alstroemeria, pictured here in a different color than in the “Shades of Pink” Handtied.  The vibrant hues of oranges and corals in this bouquet are provided by the wide array of different flowers used, creating a dynamic and lively prom look, sure to impress.  Also, the addition of the bling jewels gives just the right amount of sparkle to this beautiful bouquet.

For the more conservative prom-goer, we have chosen to showcase the “Peachy Keen” Handtied.  Depending on your price point, this bouquet can either be petite and delicate, or bigger and more exquisite.

If you were to choose the lower price point, you might receive fewer roses or a differing filler such as alstroemeria instead of the riceflower.  You might also receive standard roses and no garden roses, as garden roses are more high end, due to their beautiful shape and fragrance.  If you choose to explore the higher end of the price point, you might find more garden roses and regular roses in your bouquet to fill out the size.  If you were to ask for a larger sized handtied at a higher price, you might also receive an extra hydrangea and more premium filler.

The look of the prom bouquet compared with its price is determined by a few factors.  Mainly, a lower priced bouquet will have fewer “focal flowers”, meaning a bigger or more prominent bloom, such as a garden rose or an orchid.  The “filler”, meaning the smaller flowers that add size to a bouquet, can also become more high end depending on a price point.  More affordable filler can include alstroemeria, baby’s breath, or solidago, depending on your color palette.  Moreover in a higher price point, filler could be substituted with more focal flowers or premium filler such as riceflower or waxflower.  Additionally, the greens used in a handtied bouquet can vary on the price point as well.  For a more flowy, organic look, a designer could use foliage such as eucalyptus or dusty miller.  Even though these greens do not have blooms, they provide a beautiful finishing touch to a high end bouquet.

Ultimately, the final look is determined by the designer to create the perfect prom accessory.  If you’re looking to add on something super unique, consider jewels, feathers, succulents, or extra ribbons.  We’re here to help, so just ask us what we think would make the ultimate look for you.  Whether it be a specific kind of greenery that matches the color of your dress or a high end garden rose that compliments your high heel shoe, Matlack Florist will always deliver glamorous and chic style to complete your perfect prom look.

Something Old, Something New

Since Matlack Florist opened in 1978, we have seen countless floral trends come and go.  It’s no doubt that we’re seeing retro styles coming back into our daily lives like high-waisted pants and suspenders, and the floral industry is no different.  We’re excited to reintroduce these trends back into our shop with updated twists for 2017.

Cascading Bouquets

The origin of the cascade look comes from the desire to have a more grandiose look for a wedding bouquet, but for a lesser amount of money.  To obtain this affordable style, florists began using a lofty amount of greenery in place of additional flowers, making a more inexpensive look for the bride.  This look started disappearing when the trend of “round” bouquets full of roses and other clusters of flowers became popular.  However, the cascade is coming back in a big way.  The appearance of a bigger bouquet supplemented with extra greenery is less apparent, and the use of more extravagant flowers like orchids, french tulips, or roses in a cascading style is more evident.

Vintage Cascading Bouquet.
Modernized Cascading Bouquet









Carnations Mixed with Complimenting Blooms

Recently, the popularity of the carnation has grown tremendously.  This bloom in previous years has been deemed unattractive due to its ability to be dyed any color, making it look cheap and unappealing.  Also, because of the carnation’s inexpensive price, it has been known to be given away at businesses for free, making it less desirable to buy at a florist.  However, the floral industry has given the carnation new life.  It is now grown in a variety of new shades and hues, making the bloom more versatile, appealing, and naturally colored.  Rich plums and burgundys make the carnation fit right in with other lavish, more sophisticated flowers, but still keeps its affordable price.  Our suggestion? Try mixing in a few of these new vibrant blooms with more high-end flowers to get a uniquely colored look.

Macrame Plant Hangers

Back in the 1970’s, macrame was all the rage with everything from wall hangers to outdoor decor to jewelry for its simple handmade appearance and versatility.  This look soon disappeared in the early 1980’s when brighter vibrant colors started becoming popular and the woven, arts and crafts style grew undesirable. However, macrame is making a comeback with a new twist.  The homemade, organic style of decor is returning, and macrame fits right in.  Plant hangers with this woven look have started to appear in home magazines and popular style websites in brighter colors and more simple styles.

Vintage Macrame in the Style of the 1970’s
Modern Macrame Plant Hanger