Prom Color Crash Course

It’s hard not to get caught up in the drama of prom season, and the last thing you want to be worrying about is how well your flowers match your dress.  At Matlack Florist, we’ve composed a list of the top prom colors for 2017 and how to compliment them best with your floral accessories.


White or Nude

If you’re attending the prom in classic white or nude, you don’t have to settle for just white flowers! This blank palette is a fun way to add pops of any color.  Try complimenting your flowers with your jewelry in tones of silver or gold, or adding bling jeweled accents to brighten up your bouquet.  A fun trend emerging again this season is the organic, flowy abundance of varying foliage to add a textured look.  For example, dusty miller is a fun type of green that has a grey, velvety tone that compliments any white dress.  Try this look with any white or nude dress and the only thing you’ll have to worry about being pale is your date when they see you all dolled up!








A big trend in color that we’re seeing this year for prom dresses is blush pink, baby blue, and lavender.  What a lot of prom-goers do not realize is when you match your dress color as closely as you can with your flowers, the blooms tend to blend in with the background of your dress.  This can be improved by choosing different tones of colors.  For example, a lavender dress looks spectacular with deep tones of plum, magenta, and violet.  This way, the flowers pop against the pastel tones of the dress.  Another way to enhance your pastel dress color is to mix a wide array of pastel colors in your bouquet.  Pale pinks, whites, yellows, purples, and greens create a watercolor rainbow, perfect for a flawless prom look.








Blue is one of those colors that doesn’t match as well with different tones, unlike pinks which can compliment light baby pink, to hot pink, and mauve with ease.  Additionally, there are not a huge selection of truly blue flowers, so choices are limited in that aspect.  Contrary to what you can find on the internet, blue roses or calla lilies do not actually grow naturally, and are spray painted or dyed.  To better your floral look with a blue dress, you have a few options.  Succulents and air plants have become trendy again this season, and can be wired into any prom bouquet for a blue tint.  Blue hydrangeas are almost always available and can add a sizeable blue base to add in complimenting colors.  Also, think about using flowers that aren’t in blue, but compliment the tone.  For example, yellows, pinks, or oranges can really give a blue dress a punch of fun color.



Traditionally, black dresses are paired with either white or red flowers, but it’s time to think outside the box!  Black provides the perfect backdrop to showcase bright jewel tones like canary yellows, cobalt blues, and hot pinks.  Try pairing your flowers with metal wiring, jewels, or beading.  A black dress will make these accents pop without taking away or distracting like it would in a more colorful dress.  One flower that does have a tone of black is the Anemone.  The black center provides that dark hue without overpowering the rest of the bouquet.  This dark tone also shows in privet berry, which is a dark navy blue and can be used as a complimenting filler with a black dress.

Whatever blooms you choose, be sure to remember that flowers are meant to compliment, not necessarily match completely.  The use of multiple hues and colors provides a beautiful and unique look that will take your prom night look to the next level.  If you still have color complimenting questions, feel free to ask us what might look best with your color dress.  You’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for here to complete the perfect prom style!




The Prom Bouquet Breakdown

Spring has sprung, and prom is in full bloom!  Together with Matlack Florist, you can make all of your floral dreams come true to complete the perfect prom look. The possibilities are endless, and we know that can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help you out. We’ve broken down a few of our prom bouquets to simplify the process for you!

For this first prom handtied bouquet, we’ve chosen to feature the “Shades of Pink” Handtied.  This bouquet is perfect for the girl in all pink, or can also compliment a dress in a variety of other colors such as navy, black, or yellow.

This handtied is available at a medium price point, around $65.  The higher end flowers included in this bouquet are the orchids and the roses, while the more affordable flowers include alstroemeria, dianthus, and waxflower.  When placed all together, the shades of pink compliment each other, creating a beautiful prom bouquet.

For a more upscale handtied bouquet, we’ve chosen to highlight the “Shades of Coral” Handtied.  You’ll notice that this bouquet appears a bit bigger than the last one.  That is because it starts at a higher price point, around $75.

This bouquet includes a wide variety of premium flowers, including hydrangea, spray roses, gerber daises, roses, and stock.  The more affordable blooms are the bupleurum and again the alstroemeria, pictured here in a different color than in the “Shades of Pink” Handtied.  The vibrant hues of oranges and corals in this bouquet are provided by the wide array of different flowers used, creating a dynamic and lively prom look, sure to impress.  Also, the addition of the bling jewels gives just the right amount of sparkle to this beautiful bouquet.

For the more conservative prom-goer, we have chosen to showcase the “Peachy Keen” Handtied.  Depending on your price point, this bouquet can either be petite and delicate, or bigger and more exquisite.

If you were to choose the lower price point, you might receive fewer roses or a differing filler such as alstroemeria instead of the riceflower.  You might also receive standard roses and no garden roses, as garden roses are more high end, due to their beautiful shape and fragrance.  If you choose to explore the higher end of the price point, you might find more garden roses and regular roses in your bouquet to fill out the size.  If you were to ask for a larger sized handtied at a higher price, you might also receive an extra hydrangea and more premium filler.

The look of the prom bouquet compared with its price is determined by a few factors.  Mainly, a lower priced bouquet will have fewer “focal flowers”, meaning a bigger or more prominent bloom, such as a garden rose or an orchid.  The “filler”, meaning the smaller flowers that add size to a bouquet, can also become more high end depending on a price point.  More affordable filler can include alstroemeria, baby’s breath, or solidago, depending on your color palette.  Moreover in a higher price point, filler could be substituted with more focal flowers or premium filler such as riceflower or waxflower.  Additionally, the greens used in a handtied bouquet can vary on the price point as well.  For a more flowy, organic look, a designer could use foliage such as eucalyptus or dusty miller.  Even though these greens do not have blooms, they provide a beautiful finishing touch to a high end bouquet.

Ultimately, the final look is determined by the designer to create the perfect prom accessory.  If you’re looking to add on something super unique, consider jewels, feathers, succulents, or extra ribbons.  We’re here to help, so just ask us what we think would make the ultimate look for you.  Whether it be a specific kind of greenery that matches the color of your dress or a high end garden rose that compliments your high heel shoe, Matlack Florist will always deliver glamorous and chic style to complete your perfect prom look.

Something Old, Something New

Since Matlack Florist opened in 1978, we have seen countless floral trends come and go.  It’s no doubt that we’re seeing retro styles coming back into our daily lives like high-waisted pants and suspenders, and the floral industry is no different.  We’re excited to reintroduce these trends back into our shop with updated twists for 2017.

Cascading Bouquets

The origin of the cascade look comes from the desire to have a more grandiose look for a wedding bouquet, but for a lesser amount of money.  To obtain this affordable style, florists began using a lofty amount of greenery in place of additional flowers, making a more inexpensive look for the bride.  This look started disappearing when the trend of “round” bouquets full of roses and other clusters of flowers became popular.  However, the cascade is coming back in a big way.  The appearance of a bigger bouquet supplemented with extra greenery is less apparent, and the use of more extravagant flowers like orchids, french tulips, or roses in a cascading style is more evident.

Vintage Cascading Bouquet.
Modernized Cascading Bouquet









Carnations Mixed with Complimenting Blooms

Recently, the popularity of the carnation has grown tremendously.  This bloom in previous years has been deemed unattractive due to its ability to be dyed any color, making it look cheap and unappealing.  Also, because of the carnation’s inexpensive price, it has been known to be given away at businesses for free, making it less desirable to buy at a florist.  However, the floral industry has given the carnation new life.  It is now grown in a variety of new shades and hues, making the bloom more versatile, appealing, and naturally colored.  Rich plums and burgundys make the carnation fit right in with other lavish, more sophisticated flowers, but still keeps its affordable price.  Our suggestion? Try mixing in a few of these new vibrant blooms with more high-end flowers to get a uniquely colored look.

Macrame Plant Hangers

Back in the 1970’s, macrame was all the rage with everything from wall hangers to outdoor decor to jewelry for its simple handmade appearance and versatility.  This look soon disappeared in the early 1980’s when brighter vibrant colors started becoming popular and the woven, arts and crafts style grew undesirable. However, macrame is making a comeback with a new twist.  The homemade, organic style of decor is returning, and macrame fits right in.  Plant hangers with this woven look have started to appear in home magazines and popular style websites in brighter colors and more simple styles.

Vintage Macrame in the Style of the 1970’s
Modern Macrame Plant Hanger



2017 Spring Colors to Explore in Everyday Flowers

It’s finally spring! At Matlack Florist, we’re beginning to get our outdoor plant area ready, gearing up for wedding season, and stocking all kinds of bright colors for the upcoming warm weather.  This season, there are a several new color trends and styles that we’re keeping up on.


One of the biggest color trends this year is the look of “sun-kissed”.  According to the trend forecast from the respected floral company Nordlie, warm crimson reds, bright sunny yellows, and muted oranges will create a powerful first impression and a lasting effect on your guests.  Many floral options are available this season for these sun-kissed colors, from tropical birds of paradise and anthurium, to a more classic look with roses and lilies.  Either way, you’ll be sure to impress with these lively hues.


These bright sun-kissed stems look most impressive when paired with a more organic, wild style, such as in our “Calypso” arrangement.  Nordlie also suggests to pair these vibrant blooms with contrasting colors like turquoise or green.  Succulents and bright foliage work well for this, and make the warmer colors pop against the cooler tones.  Be on the lookout in our shop for this new and trendy color scheme.

The Philadelphia Flower Show is Coming to Town

Every year, the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia is home to the nation’s largest horticulture based event, the Philadelphia Flower Show! This year, the show runs from March 11-19.  It’s a must-see event if you’re into anything from landscaping to floral demonstrations, to competitions, and more.  From the moment you walk through the vivid floral laden doorway, you are immersed in a world of flowers unlike anything you’ve seen before.

For 2017, the Philadelphia Flower Show theme is entitled “Holland: Flowering the World”.  The official website promises visitors to be enveloped in a massive floral canopy upon entering the venue, surrounded by 30,000 flowers.  For the first time visitor, it’s an overwhelming experience that energizes all five senses.  For the experienced flower show goer, the focus of Holland provides a transcendent escape to a Dutch landscape that links the modern design themes of the Netherlands to our own corner of the world in Philadelphia.

You could spend hours alone on the floral showroom, but the Philadelphia Flower Show also provides an array of additional events to explore as well. The venue includes an exploratory butterfly garden called “Butterflies Live!” that engages visitors to roam around more than 1,000 butterflies.  If butterflies aren’t your cup of tea, maybe the Garden Tea room would be more appealing.  Both children and adults are welcomed into a peaceful pause from the flower show in an experience complete with light meals and a variety of teas to choose from.  If you are interested in design education, hands-on floral demonstrations are available in classroom settings as well.

The show is coming up fast, so get your tickets today! At Matlack Florist, we have tickets available at the front counter. Don’t miss out on this must-see experience, a thrilling example of the glamorous side of the floral industry for both young and old.


February Flower Spotlight: Tulips!

tulip1This month we are observing a flower that truly brings the feeling of spring in the middle of winter.  The tulip comes in a variety of colors, styles, and breeds, many of them available at our florist.  In face, from now until March 4, we are celebrating the tulip by having a special deal; thirty tulips for only $24.95!  Tulips are not only enjoyed at our florist, but worldwide this time of year.

In the world famous flower market in Amsterdam, you can find tulips this time of year in every color and shade you can think of, either cut fresh or in bulbs to plant in your very own garden.  If you can’t make it out to Amsterdam, tulip3plenty of tulip varieties are available locally as well.

Tulips are a versatile flower used in general floral arrangements, and also hold well in bridal bouquets.  Another fun feature for tulips is their ability to stand upright, but also add drama to a bouquet if they cascade down.  Different breeds of tulips can add a unique flair to your next centerpiece, such as the parrot tulip with the ruffled edge.


tulip4tulip2Be on the lookout at our shop for potted tulips, available to plant in your own garden bed.  Easy to care for and spectacularly beautiful all season long, the tulip proves itself year after year as one of the most dynamic and elegant flowers in bloom.

parot tulip1





The Pantone Color of the Year 2017 is Here!

Every yePantone Greeneryar, Pantone provides us with a “color snapshot”, a symbolic color representation of our culture and atmosphere.  For 2017, the company has chosen the color Greenery, a vibrant and healthy shade of green.  At Matlack Florist, you will find this celebrated color paraded around the shop and throughout our designs.


Stop in to see what else we start to showcase with this amazing selected color Greenery by Pantone in the upcoming spring season!


Bouquet Breakdown: Rustic November

For today’s bouquet breakdown, we are throwing it back!  We designed this bouquet exactly two years ago (Nov 21st, 2014) for Matlack Florist’s own Office Assistant, Stephanie!


Her rustic late-autumn wedding bouquet featured a beautiful array of flowers, including a handful of fall grasses and greens to add that perfect touch of fall elements.

Flowers included: peach ‘juliet’ garden roses, leucodendron, scabiosa pods, dusty miller, seeded eucalyptus, deep purple calla lilies, hypericum berries, millet, cream stock, fuchsia ranunculus, and assorted grasses.



Some bonus shots from Steph’s wedding:

The Bridesmaids’ Bouquets


Candle Centerpiece with Bud Vases


Floral Centerpiece


Happy Anniversary to Steph and Josh!  We were all so happy to have our part in your beautiful celebration! 🙂


Battle of the Blooms™: Halloween Edition


Halloween is almost here!  With tricks and treats, hayrides and haunted houses, candy and costumes, what’s not to love!?  To celebrate the spookiest of all holidays, we asked our designers to each create an arrangement that embodies the Spirit of Halloween, and we are giving you the chance to WIN one of the arrangements!

All you have to do to win one of these ‘Boo-tiful’ blooming arrangements is vote for your favorite on our Facebook page! To cast your vote, simply LIKE our Facebook page and then LIKE the picture of your favorite arrangement. For a bonus entry, tell us why you like the arrangement you voted for in the comments!

Read on to see what our talented designers created, as well as their inspiration for each design.  You can click on any picture below and you’ll be redirected to the picture on Facebook where you can place your vote!

‘Creature of the Night’ Design by Christine: “This arrangement comes alive for this spooky holiday with feathers, birds and even a skeleton hand from the grave. It’s scary fun!”

‘Black is the New Orange’ Design by Chris:  “I wanted to create a simple and soft arrangement, but with a Halloween edge. The white hydrangea and butterscotch mums provide the soft base and the black pumpkins provide the edge! The finishing touch is the antique-looking beads mimicking a spider web.”

‘Happy Halloweb’ Design by Moe:  “Halloween with a tropical twist! I loved the punch of the colorful orchids and dahlias against the black spider web.  Who says Halloween has to be scary?!”

‘A Spider’s Gathering’ Design by Martha: “This little spider has gathered all of his favorite things of the season! 🙂

‘Succulents and Spiders’ Design by Penny:  As the manager of our garden center, I wanted to create an arrangement using materials right out of our greenhouse, and who doesn’t love succulents?  What’s great about this arrangement is that it can be maintained!  You simply need to mist the moss and succulents daily.  When the pumpkin starts to deteriorate, you can cut off the top of the pumpkin and plant the succulents in a pot!

The winner will be chosen by random draw from all participants who voted for the most liked arrangement. The winner will be announced on Friday, October 28th on Facebook. Only one (1) vote per person is permitted.


Bouquet Breakdown: Breezy End-of-Summer Beach Wedding

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today marks our second installment of Bouquet Breakdown. Have you had a chance to check out last month’s romantic, rustic bouquet?

Today’s bouquet was beautifully crafted for one of our own! Matlack Florist staff member, Nancy, celebrated the wedding of her son and his bride on the last weekend of September! This elegant hand-tied bouquet was designed with a bit of texture, and dimension with a slight cascade. The bride and groom were married at the Yacht Club of Stone Harbor for an end-of-summer beach wedding, so the soft colors and light textures complemented the theme perfectly. We’re sure the cascading greenery moved beautifully with the ocean breeze at the ceremony.


The flowers used in this bouquet are:  White ‘Playa Blanca’ roses, light pink ‘Sophie’ roses, white ranunculus, white astilbe, white stock, white mini calla lilies, snow on the mountain, and a mix of cascading greenery that includes plumosa, italian ruscus, seeded eucalyptus and trailing ivy.



Be sure to check in regularly to catch the next Bouquet Breakdown! We’ll be choosing one bridal bouquet each month to breakdown for you.