How To: Design A Floral Container Garden

By Nicole W.

Summer officially arrives on June 20th!  If you haven’t already brightened up your outdoor space with the vibrant colors of summer, then it’s about time!  One of our favorite ways to add some color to the home is by creating gorgeous patio pots or container gardens overflowing with flowers.

At Matlack Florist, we have a large variety of pre-made container gardens for you to choose from, but for the DIY-ers out there, we thought we would share a little how-to just for you!

planter tall

Step One:  Choose Your Container

When choosing a container, be sure to pick one that has adequate drainage. Drainage is extremely important to plant health. If your container does not already have drainage holes, then drill them yourself if possible.  If you prefer not to drill through your container, then you can create an area to hold excess water by laying a 2-inch layer of gravel before filling your container with potting soil.

There are many different materials available to fit your taste and needs. From terra cotta (1) to ceramic pots (2) and wooden containers (3) to wrought iron planters with coco liners (4), we carry a wide variety of options at Matlack Florist!

container collage

Step Two:  Choose Your Plants

There are many things to consider when choosing an assortment of plants to put into your container garden.

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Graduation Day, Better with a Bouquet

By Christine W.

The beginning of June marks the extra special event of graduation in the lives of many young individuals. Whether it’s a Master’s degree or the end of a middle school era, at Matlack Florist, we love to celebrate milestones accordingly. Flowers are a great way to observe the commemorative event, and there are many different options to cheer on your graduate.

Presentation flowerpresentations are popular for graduates, and they can be done in countless different varieties.  One of our favorites ways to present graduation flowers is to arrange them in the graduate’s school colors with a matching bow, and the photos will look great with all of the coordinated colors.

Presentation bouquets come in all price ranges and have a great deal of customization options for color options. Come in and ask what we have in your graduate’s school colors.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one graduation present, consider our money corsage. They’re a fun way to incorporate a gift of money and  wear during the commencement, not to mention being the envy of all their fellow graduates.  The bills can be folded into shapes like origami and wired into the corsage so they can easilyIMG_3202 be taken out.  Additionally, the corsage can also be done in the graduate’s school colors with matching flowers.

This money corsage pictured on the left was made at Matlack Florist for a Lehigh University graduate in her school’s colors.

Decorating the graduation cap has been a long standing tradition amocapng graduates, and at Matlack Florist we have a trendy solution if you’re having trouble finding the perfect cap decoration.  Adorning the cap with a floral hair wreath is both modern and glamorous, and completely unique.  They can be attached to the cap easily and taken off, and can be made out of fresh blooms or silk flowers.

Congratulations to all of the 2016 graduates! At Matlack Florist we hope to continue celebrating with you all year long.




Choosing your Prom Floral Accessory

By: Christine W.

It’s officially prom season! We hope you’re as excited as we are.  Here at Matlack Florist, we pride ourselves in giving you quality prom accessories whether you’re looking for a simple and elegant hand-tied bouquet, a wild and unique lapel art boutonniere, or maybe something in between.  Actually, there are quite a lot of floral options you might not have considered for your prom.  Here are a few possibilities that Matlack Florist offers to complete your perfect 2016 prom look.

The Hand-tied Bouquet:
“Shades of Coral” – Matlack Florist

Handtied bouquets are the most popular among the ladies.  This consists of a unique mix of flowers to match any look with a matching ribbon and bow.  To upgrade, there are a great deal of personalized add-ons.  For example, if your dress is extra sparkly, consider adding on some bling like jewels or crystals to the flowers as seen in this photo to the right.  For a more timeless and elegant look, check out the White Gold Handtied with calla lilies. They add a graceful and luxurious touch for the formal occasion.

The Corsage:

If you’re not into the hand-tied bouquet look, try out our wrist corsages.  There are a ton of unique possibilities.  For the actual wrist band, we carry everything from crystal to pearl to ribbon, and a whole lot more.  Come on into our shop and check out our prom section for a total and complete look on what we can offer you.  For the actual flowers, we’re showing off orchids, delphinium, and succulents to name a few, and we pride ourselves in always having an array of flower and ribbon color options to match any dress.  If you’re attending the prom in a more metallic color like silver or gold, ask us about adding on metallic wiring to the bouquet as seen in the photo below. It’s totally unique and fun. We love making super unique accessories to perfect your specific prom look, so something completely fresh, ask for the Designer’s Choice corsage.

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How To: Pin On a Boutonniere

May is a busy season in the floral industry! Between the many proms, weddings, and milestone anniversary celebrations, we often get asked:  “What is the correct way to pin on a boutonniere?”

While handling a sharp pin and delicate flowers can be intimidating, don’t worry! Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be fine!

Step One:  Position Your Boutonniere

A boutonniere should always be pinned onto the gentleman’s left lapel. Position the boutonniere slightly above the heart (or about 4 inches below the top of the shoulder.) The boutonniere stem should be roughly centered and run parallel to the edges of the lapel.

1. Position Bout

Popular flowers used to create boutonnieres include: Roses, Dendrobium Orchids, Mini Calla Lilies and Delphinium

Step Two:  Insert Pin Into Stem

Flip the lapel and push the pin through the fabric of the lapel until you make contact with your boutonniere. Push the pin into the stem of the flower at it’s thickest point right below the flower head, but do not push the pin all the way through the stem. By inserting the pin through the back of the lapel, you ensure that the pin is hidden from view.

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Ideas for your Table: Easter Edition

Spring can be a very busy time of year. Easter is quickly sneaking up on us (only 5 days to go!). If you are entertaining this holiday weekend, we’ve gathered a few ideas for centerpieces that will make a beautiful statement on your Easter table! Whether you are hosting for brunch, dinner or maybe an entire weekend, these beautiful blooms will make the perfect impression on your holiday guests!

When I think of Easter, the first thing that comes to mind is the fun and excitement of a big Easter Egg Hunt! This centerpiece, made with a mix of sweet peas and geranium leaves, plays off of the Easter Egg tradition, and for an extra holiday touch, you could even dye the eggs before creating your lovely centerpiece!

Source: Tulipina

One of our own designs here at Matlack Florist, the “Pastel Garden” makes for the perfect Easter centerpiece with it’s elongated design and pastel colors! This beautiful assortment of garden flowers includes roses, hydrangea, daisies, calla lilies, stock, kale and waxflower, with a touch of curly willow.

Pastel Garden
Source: Matlack Florist

Daffodils are one of my favorite sights after a long, cold winter. Seeing this beautiful sign of spring’s arrival is always an indication that Easter isn’t too far away! This simple daffodil topiary is a quick and easy way to bring flowers to your table. Imagine three of these fun topiaries spread down the center of your table!


Source: Taste of Home

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Meet the Colors of 2016!

Introducing Pantone’s picks for 2016 Color…ahem…Colors of the year! This year, Pantone chose not only one color of the year – they picked two!

And the winners are ::drum roll please:: Rose Quartz and Serenity!!

PANTONE RoseQuartz_Serenity

This pair of hues is quite the change from last year’s rich, dramatic Marsala. The soft, romantic Rose Quartz, when paired with the cool and calm Serenity, invoke a soothing, dreamy feeling.

If you are looking for a way to incorporate this pair of pretty pastels into your big day, look no further!! We’ve scoured the internet for some of our favorite floral inspirations for the year ahead!

Mod Wedding
Style Me Pretty
courtesy of holly chapple
Wedding Wire
Style Me Pretty

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Late Summer Wedding in Cranberry and Blush

Lexi and Dan recited their vows to each other on a gorgeous late summer day at Saint Thomas of Villanova, followed by a reception at the Aronimink Golf Club. The beauty of this particular day was captured through the lens of Ashley Bartoletti Photography, who was kind enough to share with us her photographs of our floral work for this lovey occasion.

Bride and Groom Individual

Bride and Groom Embrace

The bride requested a gorgeous assortment of flowers in a cranberry/blush color scheme. Her bouquet included white hydrangea (as a base), white astilbe, white ranunculus, white and soft pink roses, pink waxflower, seeded eucalyptus, and burgundy dahlias.

Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet Closeup

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Holiday Greenery 101

The holiday season has arrived (T-minus 10 days ’til Christmas!), and that means that we’ve been working winter greens into all of our seasonal designs!  With so many different varieties, it’s tough to know the difference between fir, pine, and cedar! So, in case you were wondering, we created this breakdown of some of the different types of greens decorating our spaces around the holidays and through the winter season!

Carolina Sapphire Cypress

Port Orford Cedar


Noble Fir

Variegated Holly

Douglas Fir

Dusty Miller


White Pine

Acacia Feather

Boxwood American


When you gather a few of these greens together and add some beautiful flowers to the mix, the results can be stunning!  Greens can add texture, shape, proportion and extra color to give the most simple of designs a bit of dimension and movement.

Pictured below is our ‘Merlot’ arrangement. You can see how much of this arrangement is really made with different types of greens, helping to both fill out the arrangement perfectly and letting the flowers really shine!

‘Merlot’ by Matlack Florist. This arrangement features red roses, protea, leucadendron, dusty miller, seeded eucalyptus, carolina sapphire cypress, acacia feather, and magnolia.

Our Boxwood Evergreen Tree is primarily made with a mixture of carolina sapphire cypress, seeded eucalyptus, noble fir, and you guessed it, boxwood! Add some festive bows, baubles, faux fruit, and pinecones, and the results are…well, see for yourself!

‘Boxwood Evergreen Tree’ by Matlack Florist.  Pro Tip:  If you leave it alone and do not add water to it, it will naturally dry out beautifully!

Now that you know a little bit more about these greens, you may be wondering how you should go about caring for the cut greens in your arrangements, garlands, swags, etc…  Well, again we are here to help!  Here are a few tips on how to ensure that your holiday greens last as long as possible!

To increase the life of your holiday greens:

1. Keep your greens away from heat, sun, and hot & cold drafts.

2. Add water to arrangements or mist greens daily to maintain your cuttings. Greens need a source of moisture, particularly in dry winter weather.

3. Store arrangements in a cool place when you are not home to enjoy them.

Happy Holidays from Matlack Florist!

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